Dilip Barman Interview

Dilip Barman

Introduction: I grew up in Southwestern Connecticut and have made Durham, NC my home since the 1990s. My parents are immigrants from India and for generations the family on both sides has been culturally vegetarian. I wasn’t always vegetarian but in college when I had to cook for myself, I saw raw meat in the […]

Denise Houchin Interview

Denise Houchin

Introduction: My name is Denise Houchin and I’m originally from the Mountains of Arizona, and after living in California, Northern Arizona, Southern Illinois, and Oklahoma, I currently call Sioux Falls, South Dakota home. I am a Lifestyle Nutrition Educator, Coach and Counselor. After many life changes, I found myself overweight, with multiple health issues. It […]

Karen Osborne Interview

Karen Osbourne

Introduction: I’m Karen Osborne, and I live in Austin, TX where I teach Food For Life classes and yoga for bone health. Pre COVID-19, I also catered whole food plant-based events, was a demo chef at several stores in the Central TX area and consulted with hotel chefs guiding them to provide whole food plant-based […]

Tiffany Wilkerson Interview

Tiffany Wilkerson

Introduction: My name is Tiffany Wilkerson from the sunny state of Frisco, Texas. Professions in my life include the field of education and insurance. I have absolutely enjoyed each moment of those seasons of life. My reasoning to transition still sparks a tear in my eyes, but I always appreciate the value of life that […]

Canan Orhun Interview

Introduction: I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and moved to the US to go to college in 1979, becoming a naturalised US citizen after 20 years. Since my childhood, I have always been interested in nature and eventually that passion turned into my profession; it is now more than 30 years that I’ve worked internationally […]

Carolyn Strickland Interview

Carolyn Strickland

Introduction: My name is Carolyn May Strickland and I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I’m not originally from anywhere because my parents were Air Force and I went to 10 different schools by the time I graduated from high school! I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in developmental pediatrics, autism, and child/adolescent psychiatry, […]

Susannah Dickman Interview

Introduction: My name is Susannah Dickman, I am an early childhood educator and have taught young children for years, currently I teach child development at the community college and university level. I was born in Chicago IL and currently live in Evansville IN. I have always been interested in healthy eating and when my sons […]

What Are the Benefits of Turmeric?

Many papers suggest turmeric can benefit a multitude of health conditions. In recent years, more than five thousand articles have been published in the medical literature about curcumin, the pigment in the Indian spice turmeric that gives curry powder its characteristic golden color. Curcumin was first isolated more than a century ago, yet out of […]