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Karen Osbourne
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I’m Karen Osborne, and I live in Austin, TX where I teach Food For Life classes and yoga for bone health. Pre COVID-19, I also catered whole food plant-based events, was a demo chef at several stores in the Central TX area and consulted with hotel chefs guiding them to provide whole food plant-based meals for live events. I went plant-based over 21 years ago for health reasons. Although I never liked meat or harming animals, I did eat cheese and processed food. I had been taking an average of 6 rounds of antibiotics every year since I was a child. After I had my first child, the doctors wanted me to stay in the hospital to be tested for Lupus and Leukemia. I signed myself out and took my baby home acknowledging that I was responsible if I died on the way home. Instinctively, I knew that I did not want to go down that path and began searching for better health naturally.

Did you notice any changes going plant-based?

After averaging six rounds of antibiotics a year for 33 years, I have not needed antibiotics at all since I went plant-based. I have been healthier through my 40s and 50s than I was in my 20s. My blood work has never looked better. I also have more strength and energy. Once, a doctor told me that my condition was idiopathic and asked me if I knew what that meant. She said it meant that my doctor was an idiot and didn’t know what was wrong with me. Whatever it was does not matter now, because a whole food plant-based lifestyle took care of it like it will take care of most conditions.

Why do you enjoy being involved with So Many Cooks?

I enjoy being involved with So Many Cooks, because I love the energy, enthusiasm and talent of all of the cooks. I believe together we can accomplish the mission of helping people see how easy and delicious it can be to take control of their health. I love learning from these people. They make it fun! My ultimate dream for my cooking is to make the planet and its inhabitants (human and otherwise) clean, healthy and feeling good leading to world peace.

What do other people think of your cooking?

Other people enjoy my cooking. They say that I am very creative and that they are amazed that they can enjoy so much food with so much flavor and still feel good, have energy and have a flat belly.

What tips would you give to other people wanting to get started on plant-based cooking?

To people wanting to get started on plant-based cooking, I would say…

  1.  Make your meals colorful. Eating a variety of colors of plants will give you all the different nutrients that you need. Include lots of greens, because they are magic. Digestion begins with the eyes, so make it pretty.
  2.  Learn a few different sauces to make and/or purchase. Everything tastes good with your favorite sauce. Keep it simple.
  3.  Eat enough so that you are comfortably full at each meal. Don’t be afraid of legumes and sweet potatoes. Legumes are a great meat replacement

Find out more about Karen on her website HERE

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