Tiffany Wilkerson Interview

Tiffany Wilkerson
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My name is Tiffany Wilkerson from the sunny state of Frisco, Texas. Professions in my life include the field of education and insurance. I have absolutely enjoyed each moment of those seasons of life. My reasoning to transition still sparks a tear in my eyes, but I always appreciate the value of life that I learned from it. I first began my transition in 2010 upon losing one of the most important people in my life, my grandmother, Dorothy. To say she was the “icing on my cake” in my life is putting it very mildly. She was that constant comfort of love and giver-of-life changing words of wisdom, I will always be grateful for that. After her passing, it was then that I immediately knew that my life must change, nutritionally. And thus from there, my plant based lifestyle was born…..

What is your favourite thing to cook?

Hands down, my favorite thing to prepare would be Buddha Bowls! There is so much creativity and variety of foods that can be used to create this masterpiece, making it almost impossible to repeat the same recipe twice! The presentation of these meals display well with their bold colors, different textures, and are easy to embrace by all on any lifestyle!

Why do you enjoy being involved with So Many Cooks?

My goodness, how can you not enjoy being involved with So Many Cooks! Our special group is full of creative minds filled with energy, unique personalities and talents. The fact that the common goal and passion amongst us all is to spread the good news about plant based living makes what we all do in this group worth it. It’s been my personal pleasure finding my “healthy tribe”,and I would not have it any other way.

What is your ultimate goal / dream for your cooking?

If I can give thousands and thousands of individuals the tools to live their lives full of vitality and health through knowledge and nutrition in my lifetime, my smile is complete each day. This zeal that I have for sharing plant based living is something that I will continue to passionately do for anybody who can hear the sound of my voice.

Did you notice any changes going plant-based?

Right from the start I noticed a huge increase in energy, focus and better sleep. It’s amazing because I felt subtle changes after only a few weeks. Quite honestly, I felt like a new person and continue to feel this way.I can’t really remember what my life was before the transition, but making this decision was one of the best things I have ever done.

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