Dilip Barman

Director and Producer

Durham, North Carolina

Dilip Barman has been involved with plant-based eating for decades. In addition to being a Food for Life instructor, he hosts, through Triangle Vegetarian Society, the United States’ largest vegetarian (all vegan) Thanksgiving. He is Executive Producer of the film Code Blue that shows how lifestyle choices can profoundly affect health; the film had its international release on May 26, 2020.

​Dilip is on the advisory board of The Plant-Based Network ; a “Vegan Information Point” and Speaker Bureau member of the American Vegan Society; and is North American representative of the International Vegetarian Union. He has given cooking demonstrations and talks in a number of countries and states. Dilip is proud never to have repeated a meal for his wife in over sixteen years of knowing her; he blogs about his plant-based creations at dilipdinner. He tweets (about whole food plant based eating and nutrition, as well as math, which he also teaches, and other topics) and maintains the Triangle Vegetarian Society facebook page.

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